Western Vocals

Foundation Level

Western Vocals, performance lessons are conducted in an individual (one-to-one) / private lesson format. Studies at the foundation level cover, absolute novice to secure hobby level playing skills.

The focus is on efficient posture, fundamentals of breathing, vocal - registers, health, range, resonance, and placement. Introduction to pitch, rhythm & pulse, mic techniques, anatomy of the larynx, basic vocal embellishment, and open body movement across a range of musical styles through carefully selected songs, exercises, and practice regimens.

For those who possess prior experience, your mentor will asses your strengths/weaknesses, fill any learning gaps if required, and guide you from there onwards.

Music Theory lessons (weekly) in a group and via live online instruction, in addition to the individual practical session are an essential part of the program. On-demand conversion of any practical On Campus session to a Live Online session is available as a standard.

External assessments and certifications are available through Trinity College London and RSL Awards (Rockschool) music examinations, this is elective and at the discretion of the learner.

Class Structure

  • Eight lessons per month (monthly structure - some months may contain more/less than 8 lessons)
    - One practical individual lesson, Held On Campus, 40 mins per week
    - One theory group lesson (10 students), Held Live Online, 40 mins per week

Course Duration

  • The duration of the course is not fixed, You may pace yourself as per individual need and ability
    - The faculty will keep you abreast of your progress & level periodically