Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level:

Class Structure:
  • Eight lessons per month ( average, due to the monthly structure - hence some months may contain more than 8 lessons )
  • One practical individual lesson of 60 mins + One theory group (upto 8 students) lesson of 40 mins per week
  • Course Duration:
  • The duration of the course is not fixed, You may pace yourself as fast or as slow and steady as you are able to.
  • The faculty will keep you abreast of your progress & level periodically.
  • Genres:
  • Western Classical (Baroque, Romantic, Modern etc)
  • Western Contemporary (Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz etc)
  • Exam Syllabus*:
  • Trinity College London
  • A.B.R.S.M
  • RSL Awards (Rockschool)
  • * appearing for certificate exams or qualification awards is solely at the discretion of the learner
    Course Requirements:
  • Steady internet connection of minimum 40mbps
  • Laptop (with camera) or a suitable alternative
  • 7 hrs of weekly practice, minimum (exclusive of the lessons)
  • A mid level violin (size depends on age/height of learner) & a music stand
  • Minimum intake age 6yrs

  • Mentors