Advanced Level

Piano, performance lessons are conducted in an individual (one-to-one) / private lesson format. Studies at the advanced level cover, semi-professional to professional level playing skills.

Advanced level studies aim to develop a mastery of technical skills, a deep understanding of the music and bring them together in a mature manner to build a coherent repertoire of sufficient duration for a professional concert-level performance.

For those who possess some prior playing experience, your mentor will asses your strengths/weaknesses, fill any learning gaps if required, and guide you from there onwards.

On-demand conversion of any practical On Campus session to a Live Online session is available as a standard. External assessments and certifications are available through Trinity College London, A.B.R.S.M, and RSL Awards (Rockschool) music examinations, this is elective and at the discretion of the learner.

Class Structure

  • Twelve lessons per month (monthly structure - some months may contain more/less than 12 lessons)
    - Two practical individual lessons, 40 mins each, weekly on campus
    - One ensemble session 60 mins weekly / One theory group lesson 40 mins weekly

Elective Sessions

  • Learners select one of the two electives below, in addition to the individual practical session.
    - Ensemble - 60 mins, 5/6 players. Conducted On Campus only
    - Music Theory - 40 mins in a batch of 10, Conducted Live Online only

Course Duration

  • The duration of the course is not fixed, You may pace yourself as per individual need and ability
    - The faculty will keep you abreast of your progress & level periodically