Live Online

Live Online is the digital learning program at Performers Collective (est 2003), the leading school of music, based in the National Capital Territory of Delhi (India). This program brings our acclaimed performance studies, highly sought after mentors & two decade long experience in performance training to a global audience of online learners.

Whether you are a child taking the first steps, an adult beginner, an amateur seeking to turn professional, intending to pursue music studies at the university level or simply developing a creative hobby, We help you achieve your goals through:
  • Individualised attention & one-to-one mentoring.
  • Level based class structure.
  • Professional, academic & experienced mentors at all levels of study.
  • Dedicated sessions on theory, writing and reading aspects of music.
  • Graded Exams (optional) for Trinity College London, RSL Awards (Rockschool) or A.B.R.S.M.

  • The lessons are beamed out to you from our class-rooms that are:
  • Sound-proofed music studios.*
  • Equipped with top notch interface devices.
  • Connected via high bandwidth fibre-optic Internet.
  • Constantly evolving to achieve seamless exchange of knowledge, efficiently & effectively.
  • Streamed through a custom video interface optimised for music instruction. (in implementation, currently Zoom)

  • Choose a performance subject of your interest and explore our levels of study, mentors, performance videos, assessment sessions or just sign up and start right away.