Electronic Keyboard
An electronic keyboard is a type of keyboard instrument played using sets of black and white keys. As the sound is digitally generated, it can mimic sounds of other instruments and play pre-programmed backing music.

Often confused with piano, this modern instrument is easily adapted to diverse styles and is very popular with performing musicians, music composers/ arrangers, studio and electronic music production professionals.

Electronic keyboard being easy to play, even for small developing hands, makes it an often recommended musical instrument for very young learners.

The cost, compactness and portability, encourage many aspiring pianist’s to start classes on the electronic keyboard and switch to playing piano once the basic levels are covered.

Some of the better known manufacturers of the electronic keyboard are Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Kurzweil, Korg etc. Electronic keyboards are also known as Synthesisers/ Synthesizers/ Synth.

Performers Collective provides a well-furnished class room equipped with excellent quality instruments for the lessons. Group lessons (batch of 5) as well as Individual lessons are available on this instrument.

Although Headphones are available in the class rooms, we advise learners to carry their own for reasons of hygiene.

Learners also attend music theory and ear training lessons besides being given many opportunities to play with bands and other musicians from the school. 
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electronic Keyboard, Music Theory
Genre: Rock
Center: Gurgaon
Instruments: Electronic Keyboard, Piano
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Instruments: Electronic Keyboard, Piano
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Center: Gurgaon